Postdoc and Technician positions!

Huai-Ti has one postdoc and one full-time technician positions open. Please contact Dr Huai-Ti Lin ( if interested!

Postdoc position: Neural encoding of aeroelasticity in insect wings. The lab has the state of the art ultra-light wireless neural telemetry system which enables monitoring sensory and motor signals from freely flying insects. The project involves both intracellular and extracellular recordings of wing sensory neurons from both tethered and telemetry preparations. The candidate must demonstrate sufficient experience or potential in fine-scale electrophysiology and dissection. Scientific computing skills in Matlab, Python, or C++ are advantageous, but this is not a software engineering project. For job details and application link, please click here.

Full-time research technician: Neuromechanics & Bio-inspired Technologies Lab. We are looking for a reliable technician to support the on-going projects in the lab. The technician will work closely with the Principal Investigator and the Postdoc to set up, calibrate and test motion capture and neural telemetry equipment for experiments, prepare insects or tissue samples, undertake basic data processing, maintain equipment and help with collection and care of study insects. Since dragonflies are field animals, we are looking for someone who can preferably operate both in the field and lab condition. For job details and application link, please click here.



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