Robotics Education UROP opportunity

Dr Huai-Ti Lin is looking for an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Placement (UROP) student to help further develop teaching materials for the Y4 module “Animal Locomotion and Bioinspired Robotics”. The student will work closely with Dr Huai-Ti Lin to self-driving race car platform and generate documentations/instructions. The student will also need to test some exercises and implement robotics demonstrations. The position is paid for up to 8 weeks in Summer 2019 according to the Imperial College UROP scheme stipend.

The ideal candidate is a graduating MEng student from the department which is passionate about robots and have experiences in mechatronics systems. The work will require coding as well as mechanical design, so the following skills are desirable:

  • Good understanding of mechanics
  • CAD drawing experience
  • Laser cutting and 3D printing
  • Programming in Matlab and Python (maybe also C)
  • Image processing and analysis
  • Machine vision & OpenCV

Please contact Dr Lin directly with your CV and two names of reference to inquire about the position.

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