NBits Team

We are a team of scientists and engineers who are passionate about nature, technology, and anything that bridge them.

Huai-Ti lin

Lecturer (US equiv. Assistant Professor) in Neural Engineering & Bio-robotics
Imperial College London, Department of Bioengineering, London, UK

Contact: h.lin@imperial.ac.uk

Research Scientist, HHMI Janelia Research Campus, USA
Research Associate, HHMI Janelia Research Campus, USA
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University, USA
PhD, Tufts University, USA

Animal Locomotion & Bioinspired Robotics [Y4 & Master]
Systems Physiology: Neuroscience for Engineers [Master]
Biomimetics [Y4 & Master]

Samuel Fabian

Postdoctoral associate

My research focuses on the visual control of insect flight behaviours, especially during predatory chases. I am interested in the control systems that guide predators during attacks and how animals balance competing navigational requirements (e.g. between hitting a target and avoiding an obstacle).

Alex Yarger

Postdoctoral associate

My research focuses on sensory systems and behaviour; specifically, flight control and stability in insects. I use electrophysiological techniques to study the encoding mechanisms of mechanosensors as well as ethological approached to link the function of these structures with flight behaviour. I am also interested in the diversity and evolution of flight and how interactions between morphology and behaviour have contributed to the co-evolution of body and brain.

Daniel Ko

PhD student

My project investigates the signal encoding rules of visuomotor information.

Keywords: Dragonfly, vision, visual guidance and navigation, electrophysiology, visuomotor integration, software development.

Myriam uhrhan

PhD student

I am interested in the function and biomechanics of mechanosensors on insect wings. Insect flight requires a high temporal resolution of the sensors as the wing state changes rapidly during flight. I am using computational methods (CFD and FSI) to understand how mechanosensory feedback could contribute to flight control.

Rui Zhou

PhD student

My research focuses on the application and implementation of insect vision (as computational models) in machine vision, to develop bio-inspired low-cost visual navigation, guidance and control strategies for unmanned mobile systems.

Ben Campbell

PhD student

My project explores the biologically inspired inner- and outer-loop control architecture for challenging visuomotor tasks with a special focus on flight. I use a range of computational and machine learning methods to develop controllers testable on micro aerial platforms.

Zehao Li

Research assistant

My work focuses on developing computational methods to characterize aeroelastic flutters in insect wings for better understanding the biomechanics and sensory strategies of flexible wings.

Keywords: Wing design, deformable wings, aerial robotics 

Want to work with us?


Sean Lim, Master project student 2020 and Research Assistant [aerial robotics]

Janka Kluge, Master project student 2020 and Research Assistant [electrophysiology]

Matthew Coles, Master project student 2020 [machine learning]

Mingyi Wang, Master project student 2020 [machine learning]

Kwayne Teo, Master project student 2020 [robotics]

Ray Ng, Master project student 2020 [electrophysiology instrumentation]

Joseph Fabian, Postdoc 2018 & 2019 [neuroscience]

Jill Ueng, MEng project student 2019 [photogrammetry]

Adel Haddad, MEng project student 2019 [computational neuroscience]

Lukas Hann, UROP project student 2019 [robotics]

Xianglu Xiao, MSc project student 2018 [electrophysiology instrumentation]

Sumaya Rahman, MEng project student 2018 [computational mechanics]

Shao-Tuan Chen, Visiting PhD student 2018 [structural mechanics]

Areg Nzsdejan, UROP project student 2018 [robotics]

Julie Zhang, Summer intern student 2018 [animal behaviour]

Hannah Hashem, Summer project student 2018 [general instrumentation]

Jack McKeon, Summer project student 2018 [VR experience]

Linnea Evanson, Summer project student 2018 [image analyses]